History of Cabo Tomatoes
A Cocktail party turns into a social womens group

The Cabo Tomatoes started one afternoon in the Pedregal. Fran Olsen a retired Real Estate lady from Canada had purchased a home in the Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas from her agent Lulu Jacobson. Fran express the problem that she did not know anyone in Cabo. Lulu and Fran had a small social gathering in Fran's new home and invited some of the local English speaking women. Currently there are only 2 women of the first cocktail party in Cabo; Kaki Bassi and Judy Ubaldi.  Everyone had such a wonderful time that we decided to do it again in two weeks but each women would invite and bring another girl friend.  Each time we requested you bring a friend. At that time we did not call ourselves anything. Eventually after about 6 gatherings we decided we needed a name. Lula had been in a group in Lake Tahoe called the Tahoe Tomatoes, so we adopted the name Cabo Tomatoes.

After a while, people asked what was the purpose of the group and we talked about doing something in the realm of Charity. Several projects were discussed, there was a new Montessori school and they wanted a swimming pool and we would have had a "Cabo Tomatoes Office" located on the premise.

But other tomatoes had their children in various schools and it was decided that the Montessori school was commercial not a real charity.

About this time Cathy Dobson and  Yolanda Angula established a non profit corporation called Casa Hogar they had plans to build an orphanage fro 200 children. We invited Cathy and Yolanda to a meeting to tell us about the project.  After listening, we thought this was something we could work on to better the community. So we had a few small events at the meetings to raise some funds.

Then we held a Tomatoes Fishing Tournament in coordination with Whitey’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. This was held in late July or early August. All the boats were donated and we had a banquet and raised about $4,000.00

Then we waited for someone from Casa Hogar to come to a meeting to get the check, and we waited and waited. Cathy never came to a meeting. She finally called and wanted the money. On October 31, we had a Halloween party and Cathy came to get the check and it was presented at that time.

After this we decided that we would be strictly a social group and continued from there.


Lulu Jacobsen was a real estate broker and she used the group as a way to snag clients...nothing wrong from that. But in the beginning when a new real estate sales person came she did per best to discourage them from coming back